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Buy and Sell

How to Buy and bid at Auction

Have you seen an item you'd like to own? Before you bid, you'll want to inspect it in person. Every item that is listed for auction is available for inspection prior to the sale. You may also like to follow up by phone or e-mail if you still have any questions about a particular listing. Such due diligence on your part assures that you'll be satisfied when your bid wins.

You'll never know for sure what a lot will sell for until it does. A pre-sale estimate is a guide the auction house offers buyers. It is based on recent sale records of similar property and other factors, such as rarity or importance. It may also sell below or far above, depending on the number of interested bidders. If you love something in an auction, but only want to own it if it sells below the low estimate, don't think you have no chance to win. It can happen.

The selling price announced for a lot is the hammer (or successful bid) price. A buyer's premium will be added to the amount of the successful bid price on all lots purchased at auction.


Buying Basics

Qualifying to Bid

If you are new to Aalders Auctions House, welcome. Please provide us with some identification prior to the sale so that we can get you set up in our system. If you have bid with Aalders Auctions House previously, welcome back. We will have your information on file. Please advise if it needs updating.

Bidding Increments

$ Range Increment
0 – 100
100 – 300
300 – 400
400 – 1,000
1,000 – 5,000
5,000 – 10,000
10000 – 15,000

Ways to Bid

There are many ways to bid.
If you can't be at an auction in person, there are other options for bidding.
People bid on the phone and online. They also leave bids in advance. (See bidding information below.)

Bidding by Absentee: This is like leaving a bid at an auction and it is the easiest way to bid. Absentee bids give the auctioneer permission to bid for you as if you were in the room, starting on your behalf at the lowest possible selling price and, as long as there is competition, bidding for you up to the maximum amount you have designated. Aalders Antiques accepts absentee bids by phone fax or email throughout the viewing the morning of the sale. Absentee bids are time stamped, so the earlier an absentee bid is submitted, the better. The earlier of two identical absentee bids will win the day.

Bidding online: Aalders Auctions House for specialist auctions uses the services of websites such as and which allow you to bid online in real time. To do so, please visit the relevant website, and follow the directions for qualifying and registering. To ensure that you are qualified before the sale begins, we strongly advise you to register as soon as possible and always early on the day before the sale. The amount of the buyer’s premium charged to bid online will be referred to at the relevant website and is usually about 5% higher than the buyer’s premium if you are bidding in the rooms.

Bidding by phone: When you bid by phone, our staff will call you at the phone number you have designated. Our staff is your advocate in the room and will do everything he can to win you your lot(s). He (or she) will call a few minutes before your lot comes up for sale. They will introduce themselves, tell you the number of the lot currently being auctioned and confirm the lot number(s) on which you have chosen to bid. They will tell you when your lot is up next. When the auctioneer opens the bidding, they will tell you where the competition is coming from (someone in the room, another phone bidder, online, etc) and what you need to bid to stay in the competition as the bids move up. It is your job to keep saying "Yes" firmly and quickly until you either win the lot or decide the price is too high and say "No." It is the staff member's job to see that the auctioneer recognises your bid. Many bidders prefer to bid by phone and there are times when we cannot accommodate later requests because the lines are full. It is best to request a phone line as early as possible

Bidding in the room: If you have registered to bid. You will be given a bidder number and you'll be set to go.

You are always welcome. You are always welcome at Aalders Auctions House regardless of your level of knowledge or size of bank account.

You don't need to buy anything. Buying is not a prerequisite for taking a seat. In fact, if you think you might be a buyer one day, the best thing you can do is hang around for a couple of sales and get a feel for how the auction works.

Auctions are a great place to learn about art and design.
View our online catalogue or visit an Aalders auction. If you have an interest in a particular artist, period, style or designer, please let us know. Julian is happy to advise you on what he thinks are the best buys and why.

There is a buyer's premium.
An auction house makes its money by asking a percentage of the selling price from the consignor and a percentage of the selling price from the buyer. The buyer's premium, as it is known, varies among auction houses. You need to factor it in when deciding how much you want to bid. Aalders buyer's premium is 20% + GST on the buyers premium.

A bid is a contract to buy.
Virtually all auctions sell their property "as-is, where-is." That means every purchase - with rare and specific exceptions - is a final sale. Please read Aalders Auctions House "Terms of Sale" before you buy. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
As the in room bidders take their seats, the auctioneer reviews key auction rules and procedures. The first lot is opened for sale.

At Aalders Auctions House, we typically open bidding below the lowest estimate. The exception occurs when two or more absentee bids push the opening price higher.
For example, I leave a maximum absentee bid of $300 and you leave a maximum left bid of $400 on a lot with an estimate of $300 to $500. The auctioneer will open the lot to you at $325, the lowest possible selling price, given the competition.

The pace of bidding depends on the number of bids and the speed of bidding from all sources. Aalders Auctions House sells 80-100 lots per hour on average, but bidding can slow to 50 lots per hour or speed along at 120.
If you are the successful bidder on a lot, the auctioneer will acknowledge the number we assigned for you at registration and you will be the new owner of that property.


On the fall of the auctioneer's hammer, title to the property immediately transfers to the successful bidder who, in turn, becomes the buyer. Aalders Auctions requires payment of the goods within 2 business days of the Auction which will include (purchase price plus the buyer's premium and applicable taxes). Aalders Auctions House accepts cash wire transfers, cheques by prior arrangement (on discretion by management,) Visa, MasterCard 1% charged and Amex 3.2% is charged on all Amex purchases. For more information, see the Terms of Conditions. If you have a question about your invoice, please call us immediately. We will explain or correct immediately if there is a problem.


As the buyer, you are responsible for the pick up of the property you've purchased.

All lots purchased are to be collected within 2 business days

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pick up the merchandise in person or can I send someone in my place?
You can send someone to pick up your purchase as long as you have notified Aalders auction house of this in advance.

Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details or if you have any other questions about how to bid and buy with us, please call us at 02 9519 0914 or email us. (you may want to add the copy of the Terms and Conditions back page of catalogue for reference)


Aalders Auctions House offers a comprehensive valuation service at a competitive price. We are trusted valuers and are the official valuers to the Australian National Maritime Museum.

We offer:

  • Valuations for insurance, legal matters and estate management
  • Comprehensive written and illustrated valuation reports
  • Family and probate valuations
  • Valuations for government institutions
  • We are also happy to offer an obligation free auction estimate on items considered for auction

    Walk in Wednesday

    Once a month prior to our Auction (usually 3rd Sunday of evey month) we offer a complimentary service to the general public where you can come in and have an appraisal of your items Julian can give you feedback on the period approximate value and any further information that you may require.